Upper Franconia

Peaceful Tourism in Varied Scenery

People like you from near and far seeking relaxation find in its scenery defined by the Spruce Mountains, Franconian Forest, Franconian Switzerland, the upper Main Valley and its many tributaries, a vacation filled with diversity.With thousands of kilometres of marked hiking and bicycle paths, challenging mountain bike trails, cross country ski courses, ski slopes, ten golf courses, and one of the most thrilling free climbing areas in Europe, Upper Franconia is the most active region in Germany.

World Class Culture

Being active in Upper Franconia also means experiencing World Class Culture. The Bayreuth Wagner Festival and the by UNESCO declared “cultural heritage” city of Bamberg are well known worldwide. A very lively stage and concert scene can fill the appointment book of every culture enthusiast. Countless fortresses, castles, churches and parks fill tourists and locals alike with enthusiasm. 145 museums offer a glance at a most varied range of areas: the largest pewter figurine museum in the world located in the Plassenburg fortress, the steam engine train museum in Neuenmarkt, the artwork collection in the fortress in Coburg, or the German porcelain museum. And as one would not otherwise expect in “Beer Country”; interested people can look over the brewers shoulder in one of the many breweries or brewery museums.

The Upper Franconian Lifestyle

Included in the Upper Franconian Lifestyle in the region with the highest concentration of breweries in the world are, understandably, the traditional pubs and beer gardens. It is an absolute must to have experienced sitting under a blooming Cherry tree in a typical Franconian beer garden at the least once.
It’s guaranteed that with 1,000 different beers everyone will find something for his (or her) taste.

Further Information:

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