Industry and Commerce in Upper Franconia

With a long industrial tradition and comprehensive experience in production, industry and commerce form in Upper Franconia, the region with the third highest industrial concentration in Europe and the highest concentration of breweries in the world, the potential for the future. Modern middle sized companies, qualified service representatives and competitive workshops are successful in Upper Franconia.

Success instead of Big Talking

In Upper Franconia the focus of industry and commerce is on small and middle-sized companies. More than 600 “hidden champions” who are world market leaders in their business fields underline the high quality of Upper Franconia as an economic center.

Upper Franconia: A center for Food, Consumption and Pleasure

In Upper Franconia one values good food and drink just as the rest of the world values Upper Franconia products. Many firms are working in the luxury food and drink industry. Many Upper Franconian workers have found their livelihood here. In the more than 200 Upper Franconian breweries 1,000 different beers are brewed. Cherry, apple, pear and plum trees grow in the regions orchards. The fruit is sold all over the world and is bottled in the home distillery. Upper Franconian sausage and bakery goods are produced in an unbelievable variety and quality which is well known across regional borders. Lauensteiner homemade chocolates are also well known among chocolate lovers worldwide.

Further information:

Local Marketing Office for Upper Franconia

Maximilianstraße 6
D-95444 Bayreuth

Chamber of Skilled Trades for Upper Franconia

Kerschensteiner Straße 7
D-95448 Bayreut

Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Upper Franconia

Bahnhofstr. 23-27
D-95444 Bayreuth