Beer in Upper FranconiaBier in Oberfranken

Upper Franconia is, thanks to its beer brewers the world leader in beer culture and beer variety. There is a very strong connection between Upper Franconians and their regions or town breweries. Most Upper Franconians know the brewing boss of their brewery personally.

Diversity of Scenery – Diverse Varieties of Beer

As diverse as the scenery is in Upper Franconia is the diversity of its beer. Approximately 1000 different beers are produced in the “Bavarian Tuscany”, Upper Franconia. From lager and dark beer to smoked beer, unfiltered beer, Zwickel beer, as well as the seasonal and festival beers which are only brewed for special occasions, the variety is enormous. Our Upper Franconian brewers join in when there is something special to celebrate.

In addition, there are the many brewery pubs, beer gardens, beer cellars, and church consecration festivals in which Franconian beer culture can be experienced. A whole collection of Upper Franconian breweries offer tours followed by tastings. Lastly, there are the many scenic and cultural sightseeing attractions which Upper Franconia has to offer.

The raw materials for Upper Franconia’s breweries grow directly in front of the doors of the breweries themselves. Upper Franconia has one of the largest cultivatable areas for brewing barley which is refined in one of the many Upper Franconian malthouses to brewing barley.