Welcome to “Beer Country” Upper Franconia

Bavarian beer is world famous. Beer which has been brewed following the Beer Brewing Purity Act from 1516 to the present day is Bavaria’s national drink. The Free State of Bavaria’s fame elsewhere is to a large extent due thanks to Bavarian beer and the connected easy going nature of its gastronomic pleasures.

Upper Franconia: The Center of the Art of Bavarian Brewing

What many do not know: The Center of Bavarian Beer culture lays in the region of Upper Franconia in northern Bavaria. Beer from Upper Franconia is a gourmet product brewed by many breweries with an unbelievable diversity and quality.

Upper Franconia is the World Champion Beer Brewer

The primary administrative division for the region of Upper Franconia in northern Bavaria has with around 200 breweries the highest concentration of breweries of any region in the world. More than 1,000 different beers are brewed in “Beer Country” Upper Franconia. Upper Franconia has more breweries than every country in Europe and worldwide can only be beaten by the USA, China and Russia.

Discover “Beer Country” Upper Franconia

We invite you to a discovery trip through Upper Franconia’s “Beer Country”. Find out what is worth knowing about our native region and our beer, and rummage through the Beer Atlas or let yourself be inspired by our Leisure Time Tips.

See you soon in “Beer Country” Upper Franconia!